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🌟 Turn Ambiguity into ACTION!
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95% Struggle with Vague Goals. Discover How to Be Part of the 5% That Succeed!

The Promise of Transformation...

✨ Have your goals been sounding great but leading you nowhere? Attention all go-getters and ambitious individuals: Jodeen’s masterclass is your golden ticket! Transform those nebulous dreams into tangible, achievable targets. This is goal-setting redefined – breaking free from the chains of procrastination, and turning aspirations into accomplishments!

✨ With lifetime access, this training becomes your lifelong guide. As your aspirations evolve, revisit and rediscover the power within these lessons. Your journey of achievement never has to end!

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It is necessary to plan, and to organize in order to get rich.
Staying poor is very easy; poverty needs no plan.

In this immersive 2-3-hour teaching, experience Jodeen's proprietary approach. She combines traditional S.M.A.R.T. principles with a touch of neuroscience and practical wisdom, turning the abstract into actionable!

The key to an intensified journey of self-discovery and unearthing your true worth awaits. 



Master the art of setting precise and actionable goals, turning vague ambitions into focused plans of action with our detailed workbook.

Achievable Outcomes

Learn the key principles of goal-setting that ensure not just desire, but attainability, making success more than just a dream.

Empowered Decision Making

Gain insights into decision-making strategies that align with your goals, ensuring every choice propels you closer to your desired results.

Jodeen's Personal Assurance:


We're confident in the transformative power of this intensive. If you don't leave with a renewed understanding and capability of setting actionable goals, we'll refund every penny. No questions asked!

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"I have enjoyed working with Jodeen. Before our first call, I was struggling in many areas of my life. But things really started turning around for me more and more with each call. I was able to clear blocks I had for years and I feel so much lighter and freer now.
We worked on my blocks and what is keeping me from achieving my goals. She broke things down for me and gave me a clear picture of where we were going and what the objectives were for each session. She even gave me homework that fit my needs and kept me focused on where we were headed.
The single biggest takeaway from these calls was the belief that I really do have more control over my thoughts and feelings than I thought and that I can change myself and my life by changing those. Whereas before it seemed overwhelming and impossible, after working with Jodeen, it not only became possible, it became my reality.

For anyone on the fence about working with Jodeen, get off that fence now and sign up! She knows what she's doing and it works! Jodeen is amazing and I'm so grateful I decided to work with her."

Marilee W.


"Wowzers, this T & GRMastermind has been a real game-changer for me. To start my day surrounded
by people that are desiring to uplevel is fantastic. Jodeen runs an amazing mastermind, as it's
always thought-provoking, the breakouts are perfect, the community she has built is loyal. I absolutely feel blessed and love the connections I've made.

I can't imagine doing this T&GR with anyone but Jodeen, there is something magical about the entire experience. I joined late, and it's been less than two weeks but my life has propelled forward in ways I couldn't have imagined. Opportunities come each day, and my mindset is that of heck ya...I am ready, confident, and clear on my desires. This community feeds my mind in that of possibilities and being resourceful. I recommend it to all my friends and absolutely recommend anyone that is ready for living life at their highest potential...RUN right now and join Jodeen's Mastermind before she gets so busy (the word gets out) that you can't get in. And then my last piece of advice is, HOLD ON...because your life will never be the same. Huge growth will happen.

Debbie P.
Founder Empowering YOU Community


"I would like to thank Jodeen Bergstrom for allowing me to join the Think & Grow Rich Mastermind. Not only did it push me to finish a book I had been curious about for decades but being a member of the mastermind allowed me to connect with people I would have never met. I'm honored to learn with and from this group of like minded people each day. Jodeen is a badass who holds you accountable, challenges you, and holds space for you to be seen and heard. She is generous with her knowledge, shares her experiences and wants EVERYONE to grow. I feel richer in my mind and soul having spent time with Jodeen and this mastermind. I'm very excited for the upcoming success of my business - THANK YOU JODEEN!"

Jeannie S.

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